10 Commandments of a Mentee

Service in ministry is not an easy task. Becoming a leader in the church means having to undergo proper training to make God-centered decisions and taking faithful actions.

Before looking for a mentor, ask yourself, “Why do I want to lead? To serve?”, “What are my intentions by becoming a mentee?”. What is your goal and vision? Do you want to lead a ministry? A church? A clear vision is important when entering a mentorship. Your motives must be honest and authentic. Mentorship requires a commitment and discipline.

Undergoing mentorship requires a positive attitude and good characteristics. It requires a heart that is ready to serve and learn. Being a mentee means that you are willing to have a teachable heart and mind. You will experience trials and situations that will test your faith. It’s all about how you handle these struggles. Pain will part of the growing process and you must be ready to experience a lot of it.

It also means that you are willing to learn how to follow before becoming a leader. Everything that your mentor does is a lesson and an example to follow. In the end, you will reflect your mentor. Everything that has been taught to you will be applied and expressed through the way you are living.

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