10 Commandments of a Mother

They always say that mothers will always be there for her children no matter what. She will give the clothes off her back, the food that she is about to eat and the shoes that she is wearing for the sake of her family. She is the backbone of every household and the woman behind everyone’s success.

Being a mother is a full time job. They do not require payments in monetary form and would often do what her family requests without delay. She is the ultimate superwoman and we often forget that she also gets tired. Children should always respect their mothers even though there are times when it seems that there is a conflict of ideas between mother and child.

According to Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, we should always be thankful of our mothers, for motherhood requires selfless sacrifice. Because of this sacrifice, most mothers tend to forget about themselves and even their marriage. We should always remind our mothers how much we appreciate them and love them for all the sacrifice that they do.

Motherhood is not an easy task. It requires brawn, brains, beauty, energy, faith and trust to pull it off. We must always remind our mothers of how much we appreciate them and respect for them.

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