10 Commandments of a Personal Assistant

In Hollywood, we always see celebrities with their bodyguards and their personal assistants. These people are their backbone in their every day life. Being a personal assistant is more than a job; it is a full time commitment to your employer so that they can trust you with their everyday lives.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a personal assistant is “more than a secretary. She/he is an executive’s right hand man or woman.” Everyone thinks that 24 hours is not enough to run your life. Most, if not all executives, businesswomen, politicians and celebrities have the same dilemma. Their personal assistant is an extension of their lifeline, an additional arm, to help them.

One should be proud to have this career. It is not easy for anyone to entrust their lives to someone else. A personal assistant should not think that their job is demeaning or “below” of their academic status. Being successful in this career entails that the personal assistant should be proud of what she or he does.

They run, crawl and get their hands dirty for the betterment of their boss’ life. They deserve a new level of respect for the type of work that is required of them.

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