10 Commandments of Anchoring

We all have dreams that we want to have but we do not know how to achieve them. Maybe we do know how to achieve them but there is a road block ahead of us, maybe it’s with our attitude towards ourselves or towards other people that hinder us from achieving greatness.

In the reflection of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, Anchoring is “the way by which you get into the right state for what we want to do.” It is the mind coordinating with the body to reflect on how to avoid the obstacles in front of us to achieve our goals.

Every day, we do things to get ready. We take a bath, have breakfast, exercise or pray. These are ways in which we get ready for our daily tasks. In anchoring, it is only not the mind and the body, but the presence of the mind in the body. We all have behaviors that we need to change in order to achieve our goals. Let us not allow these behavioral problems be an obstacle. Change while you still can, believe in your self and trust in what the plans are for you. Let your heart be present as well. Put your faith in the choices that you make.

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