10 Commandments of Glossolalia

For some churches, speaking in tongues is a taboo, for others it is encouraged.
‘Glossolalia’ refers to a believer speaking in words that were never part of his or her known language. It happens commonly during states of deep religious prayer or songs of worship.

When you receive God in your life, the Spirit of the Lord gives you the ability to gain its fruits and gifts as your live your Christian life – including tongue-speaking.

Tongue-speaking was part of our history. This first happened during the day of the Pentecost when the believers were enabled by the Holy Spirit to speak in languages. This gift has been carried on from thousands of years until the present day.

The 10 Commandments of Glossolalia by Bishop Bernard E. Johnson explains the origin of this gift and teaches us how to use it wisely. It guides us on how to make use of this gift. It is important to know that this gift is used to convey the message of God and nothing else. We are used as a vessel by the Holy Spirit to communicate to people of different nationalities and backgrounds. It is God’s way of speaking to those who need to hear the Gospel.

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