10 Commandments of Intention

We all have dreams and goals in life. The journey to fulfilling those dreams is always the memorable and vital ones. Which is why it is important that we check our intentions and if they are aligned with God.

Intent is synonymous to “motive”. Every time we act upon pursuing our goals, we always need to know if our intentions are good or bad. God watches our steps and weighs our motives. Our intentions are important to the Lord.

In order to achieve what we desire, we need to have the motivation to do it. But we must always be careful with our behavior in doing so. Some people will do anything in order to get what they want. They will step on people and not care if their actions affect others on the way. Our behavior matches with our intent. We must always have a positive behavior in order to have positive outcomes.

We need to set our intentions and be able to base it on who we are and our values. When our hearts are filled with faith, then our intentions become pure and good. Our intentions tell us about who we really are, and God can see that.

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