10 Commandments of Online Social Networking

The Internet is like a bustling city full of traffic and a variety of people going in and out of shops, chatting, looking for entertainment and finding inspiration. This is what’s going on in the World Wide Web these days. The world has become smaller because of social media, making it easier for us to find people we haven’t seen in ages, communicate with bloggers across the globe and find out what’s going with a celebrity’s life.

It’s no lie that social media has made such an impact on our lives. It has been so easy to broadcast your message to the world by just one click. But little do we know that what we post online may also affect the people around us. As Christians, how should we use social networking sites?

We need to remember that Christians represent God in everything that they do – and that includes whatever we post, click or “like” on the internet. We must remember that we have a social responsibility. We should use social media as a way to encourage and influence people in a good way.

We should also think about how social media affects us. Does it hinder us from being productive? Do we check our online accounts first thing in the morning instead of talking to God?

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