10 Commandments of Employee Motivation

Companies have different cultures. Some may have this strict and disciplined vibe while others maybe have a positive and encouraging aura to them. Great companies see to it that their employees are motivated and happy with their work. But how exactly do you do this?

Motivated employees are needed in our rapidly changing workplaces. They are more productive and help companies survive. It is important that managers know how to treat their subordinates in a way that make them feel wanted and appreciated.
There are several types of motivators that you can use for your employees. You can offer give them recognition in their jobs, offer them responsibility that can be challenging to them and even offer them personal growth and development in their workspace.

These are just a few things that can help improve the performance of your employees. There are also simple and yet effective ways to promote employee motivation such as consistently encouraging them and boosting their morale. Learn the strategies of employee motivation with this e-book and increase your employee performance in the most effective way.

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10 Commandments of a Vocalist

There have been so many Reality TV shows that have come out these past years. The popular ones include American Idol, X-Factor and The Voice. What do they have in common? They’re all looking for the best singer in the country. Vocalists compete head to head after weeks of elimination and challenges. How do they do it? How do they preserve their voices under so much stress? What keeps them motivated?

Know that God has created us all uniquely. He has given us gifts that we can use for His glory and to make His name known to the world. He has carefully and lovingly planned for you to have a talent. And that talent is singing.

As a vocalist, you have to know what your strengths are. Are you a pop, jazz or RnB singer? What is the range of your voice? Know your strengths and play up on them. It is also important that you know your weaknesses so that you can work on them and improve your skills.

You also need to be responsible not only for your voice but your body as a whole. What are the right foods to eat? What are the no-no’s in a vocalist’s lifestyle?

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10 Commandments of a Teacher

Most of us share memories of our favorite teachers. There were teachers who made us laugh in class, helped us understand the most difficult math equations and spent extra hours just to help us with our academic problems. Teaching is such a generous profession. It is a selfless act of willingly sacrificing once time, money and effort in order to help mold the next generation.

Teachers educate us not only in academics, but also about life. We’ve looked up to our teachers ever since we started school as a toddler. They become our coaches, mentors, friends and sometimes-even parents.

In order for you to become an effective teacher, you must know what you are teaching and why you are doing it. Your purpose as a teacher will be one of your motivations to keep inspiring students and aid them in becoming great leaders of their generation.

Teaching does not only mean disciplining, sharing knowledge and grading students. It also means being someone who encourages, loves and takes care of the students.

“Teaching is a calling too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their way are holy – angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.” ― Jeannette Walls

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10 Commandments of Anchoring

We all have dreams that we want to have but we do not know how to achieve them. Maybe we do know how to achieve them but there is a road block ahead of us, maybe it’s with our attitude towards ourselves or towards other people that hinder us from achieving greatness.

In the reflection of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, Anchoring is “the way by which you get into the right state for what we want to do.” It is the mind coordinating with the body to reflect on how to avoid the obstacles in front of us to achieve our goals.

Every day, we do things to get ready. We take a bath, have breakfast, exercise or pray. These are ways in which we get ready for our daily tasks. In anchoring, it is only not the mind and the body, but the presence of the mind in the body. We all have behaviors that we need to change in order to achieve our goals. Let us not allow these behavioral problems be an obstacle. Change while you still can, believe in your self and trust in what the plans are for you. Let your heart be present as well. Put your faith in the choices that you make.

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10 Commandments of a Mentee

Service in ministry is not an easy task. Becoming a leader in the church means having to undergo proper training to make God-centered decisions and taking faithful actions.

Before looking for a mentor, ask yourself, “Why do I want to lead? To serve?”, “What are my intentions by becoming a mentee?”. What is your goal and vision? Do you want to lead a ministry? A church? A clear vision is important when entering a mentorship. Your motives must be honest and authentic. Mentorship requires a commitment and discipline.

Undergoing mentorship requires a positive attitude and good characteristics. It requires a heart that is ready to serve and learn. Being a mentee means that you are willing to have a teachable heart and mind. You will experience trials and situations that will test your faith. It’s all about how you handle these struggles. Pain will part of the growing process and you must be ready to experience a lot of it.

It also means that you are willing to learn how to follow before becoming a leader. Everything that your mentor does is a lesson and an example to follow. In the end, you will reflect your mentor. Everything that has been taught to you will be applied and expressed through the way you are living.

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10 Commandments of Intention

We all have dreams and goals in life. The journey to fulfilling those dreams is always the memorable and vital ones. Which is why it is important that we check our intentions and if they are aligned with God.

Intent is synonymous to “motive”. Every time we act upon pursuing our goals, we always need to know if our intentions are good or bad. God watches our steps and weighs our motives. Our intentions are important to the Lord.

In order to achieve what we desire, we need to have the motivation to do it. But we must always be careful with our behavior in doing so. Some people will do anything in order to get what they want. They will step on people and not care if their actions affect others on the way. Our behavior matches with our intent. We must always have a positive behavior in order to have positive outcomes.

We need to set our intentions and be able to base it on who we are and our values. When our hearts are filled with faith, then our intentions become pure and good. Our intentions tell us about who we really are, and God can see that.

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10 Commandments of Marketing

In business, Marketing is what makes profit come in. It revolves around having relationships with customers, building the brand and making sure that people know about the product. Marketing is all about knowing what the customers need and being able to provide it to them with flair.

You may have an amazing product that you think people will want, but if you don’t market it well, then you might not be able to sell a single unit. It is about understanding what the consumers want, and then creating a strategy to draw them to your product.

It might also be about the product itself. How does your product benefit people? Why would they want to buy it? Will people be drawn to your product?

The 10 Commandments of Marketing will guide you into knowing who your market is, how to develop your product and how to sell it. It will reveal strategies that you might have missed out on your marketing plan and possibly some internal glitches in your business.

Stop wondering why your product’s not selling and start learning how to truly market your brand. It’s time that you market yourself and your product the best way possible.

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10 Commandments of a Job Applicant

Looking for a job can be a liberating and exciting experience especially as you get out of college. But whether it’s your first time to apply for a job or you’re trying to look for better options, there are important reminders you need to know to get that position.

Aside from the exams that you need to take, there’s the ever-threatening interview portion of your application. At this stage, before you go on talking about your skills and how you can contribute to the company, you must know who you are. Are you a leader? Do you work well with other people? Knowing your identity enables you to find out if you’re the right person for the job.

Knowing what you want and what you need from a job is also a key point in your application. You might have an interesting job offer but it may not necessarily meet your needs.

It is all about preparation. Get your portfolio, resume and work attire ready! Do research on the company you will be applying for and check their goals and mission. This will give you time to prepare proper answers when they ask you about your plans for the company and what you can offer them.

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10 Commandments of a Blogger

Having your own blog is all about being able to inform your readers. Whether it’s about a hobby, job, specialty or lifestyle, you have to impart knowledge to your audience. Sometimes people think about what to write and just come up with random topics that don’t necessarily interest anybody. Although this might be conducive to “journaling”, blogging is a whole different story.

Blogging is all about sharing a part of you to the world. It is important that you speak your mind in ways that people can relate to. You always have to figure out ways on why people should read about your posts and why they should care.

There are a million blogs out there, and almost all topics have been covered, it’s about avoiding mediocrity in the blogging world and being able to offer something new and fresh to the table. It’s important to be honest in your posts and not make up things because people will see right through you.

Before you start creating a blog, think about this question, “Why would people want to read about my posts? What do I have to offer?” and then go for it! Blogging is such a wonderful way to connect with people all around the world.

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10 Commandments of a Personal Assistant

In Hollywood, we always see celebrities with their bodyguards and their personal assistants. These people are their backbone in their every day life. Being a personal assistant is more than a job; it is a full time commitment to your employer so that they can trust you with their everyday lives.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a personal assistant is “more than a secretary. She/he is an executive’s right hand man or woman.” Everyone thinks that 24 hours is not enough to run your life. Most, if not all executives, businesswomen, politicians and celebrities have the same dilemma. Their personal assistant is an extension of their lifeline, an additional arm, to help them.

One should be proud to have this career. It is not easy for anyone to entrust their lives to someone else. A personal assistant should not think that their job is demeaning or “below” of their academic status. Being successful in this career entails that the personal assistant should be proud of what she or he does.

They run, crawl and get their hands dirty for the betterment of their boss’ life. They deserve a new level of respect for the type of work that is required of them.

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