10 Commandments of Communication

Humans for have practiced communication for as long as they have lived here on earth. Of course this has also evolved over the years, as society becomes more complex.


What does it take to be a good communicator? You’d be surprised to know that it takes more than just talking eloquently and saying fancy terms.


Communication is a two-way process that involves a deeper level of listening and speaking.


A good listener does not just hear what the other person is saying, but also understands what he or she is trying to put across. When you listen, you do not only use your ears but your heart as well. Listening generously makes a huge difference in the art of communicating because you become more present in the conversation and gain a more profound knowledge about the topic.


A good speaker on the other hand understands his audience and has a clear purpose for his message. This is vital because when you lack a sense of purpose for your message, your audience will not understand a single point you’re making.Communication is basically a give and take relationship between people. You unstintingly lend your ears and gain a full understanding and at the same time, you use your words with much care and commitment.

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