10 Commandments To Stop School Bullying

In order to fight bullying, there are needs for a school wide effort to raise awareness and to empower students to fight against this problem (Olweus, 2003; Peterson & Rigby, 1999). Olweus (2003) noted that an individualistic approach is often ineffective because it falls solely on the shoulders of the teachers. Schools staff and students must actively
participate in the efforts to eliminate bullying (Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, 2008).

Awareness about bullying is only one part of the problem (Whitney, 2009). There is a need to solve the currently existing cases of bullying (Cohen, 2005). When students or other bystanders do not do anything about bullying, they help reinforce bullying (Colorroso, 2005). When the bystanders do not do anything, bullies are encouraged to do more harm to the victim.

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10 Commandments of a Blogger

Having your own blog is all about being able to inform your readers. Whether it’s about a hobby, job, specialty or lifestyle, you have to impart knowledge to your audience. Sometimes people think about what to write and just come up with random topics that don’t necessarily interest anybody. Although this might be conducive to “journaling”, blogging is a whole different story.

Blogging is all about sharing a part of you to the world. It is important that you speak your mind in ways that people can relate to. You always have to figure out ways on why people should read about your posts and why they should care.

There are a million blogs out there, and almost all topics have been covered, it’s about avoiding mediocrity in the blogging world and being able to offer something new and fresh to the table. It’s important to be honest in your posts and not make up things because people will see right through you.

Before you start creating a blog, think about this question, “Why would people want to read about my posts? What do I have to offer?” and then go for it! Blogging is such a wonderful way to connect with people all around the world.

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