10 Commandments On What To Do if Your Child Hits You

When a child grows to become a teenager, a lot of emotions grab a hold of them. There might come a time when you won’t even recognize your own child anymore. Like there’s a strangers living in your house. It becomes quite difficult for you to communicate with them with their mood swings and stubborn attitude. As they pass through their teen years, they will find a longing for independence and will become very unsure of their emotions.

It might be very tempting to fight back and impose stricter rules on them, but in the end you will realize that these things will only push them to deviate more. As parents, it is your responsibility to discipline your child. But before you do this, you must learn how to forgive. If you cannot forgive your child for saying abusive words towards you or for even physically hurting you then the disciplining will be useless. You have to understand that disciplining is not an act of revenge towards your child but an act of love.

Let this book help you and guide you in dealing with your child. Learn how to communicate with your teen and restore the relationship that has been damaged due to misunderstandings.

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10 Commandments of Courtship

It’s very easy to be in a relationship these days. As long as both parties have an interest in each other, then there’s really no reason for them to be together. The world doesn’t believe in courtship anymore. That term has now turned into ‘dating’ which is not exactly the same thing.

What’s the difference between courtship and dating? Dating may be viewed as a recreational activity, which leads to you meeting different people, going out with them and having a non-exclusive relationship. Courtship on the other hand has a completely different motive and mindset. Courtship involves having an interest in someone and eventually having plans of getting married. The main goal of courtship is marriage.

Although society views courtship as time-consuming and irrelevant, it actually prepares us for a long-term relationship full of true love and the possibility of marriage. From God’s eyes, courtship is a significant stage in any relationship. It teaches us to trust our hearts to God and fully depend on Him in deciding whether or not that relationship is His will for us or not.

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10 Commandments To Stop School Bullying

In order to fight bullying, there are needs for a school wide effort to raise awareness and to empower students to fight against this problem (Olweus, 2003; Peterson & Rigby, 1999). Olweus (2003) noted that an individualistic approach is often ineffective because it falls solely on the shoulders of the teachers. Schools staff and students must actively
participate in the efforts to eliminate bullying (Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, 2008).

Awareness about bullying is only one part of the problem (Whitney, 2009). There is a need to solve the currently existing cases of bullying (Cohen, 2005). When students or other bystanders do not do anything about bullying, they help reinforce bullying (Colorroso, 2005). When the bystanders do not do anything, bullies are encouraged to do more harm to the victim.

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10 Commandments of a Blogger

Having your own blog is all about being able to inform your readers. Whether it’s about a hobby, job, specialty or lifestyle, you have to impart knowledge to your audience. Sometimes people think about what to write and just come up with random topics that don’t necessarily interest anybody. Although this might be conducive to “journaling”, blogging is a whole different story.

Blogging is all about sharing a part of you to the world. It is important that you speak your mind in ways that people can relate to. You always have to figure out ways on why people should read about your posts and why they should care.

There are a million blogs out there, and almost all topics have been covered, it’s about avoiding mediocrity in the blogging world and being able to offer something new and fresh to the table. It’s important to be honest in your posts and not make up things because people will see right through you.

Before you start creating a blog, think about this question, “Why would people want to read about my posts? What do I have to offer?” and then go for it! Blogging is such a wonderful way to connect with people all around the world.

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10 Commandments of Communication

Humans for have practiced communication for as long as they have lived here on earth. Of course this has also evolved over the years, as society becomes more complex.


What does it take to be a good communicator? You’d be surprised to know that it takes more than just talking eloquently and saying fancy terms.


Communication is a two-way process that involves a deeper level of listening and speaking.


A good listener does not just hear what the other person is saying, but also understands what he or she is trying to put across. When you listen, you do not only use your ears but your heart as well. Listening generously makes a huge difference in the art of communicating because you become more present in the conversation and gain a more profound knowledge about the topic.


A good speaker on the other hand understands his audience and has a clear purpose for his message. This is vital because when you lack a sense of purpose for your message, your audience will not understand a single point you’re making.Communication is basically a give and take relationship between people. You unstintingly lend your ears and gain a full understanding and at the same time, you use your words with much care and commitment.

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10 Commandments of Spotting a Liar

In the movie, “Liar, Liar”, Jim Carrey plays a successful attorney who’s so used to lying that it comes out naturally, until he is unable to do so and gets in a lot of trouble for it. Not everyone can be as good as Jim Carrey in the movie, but there are signs and behavioral patterns that show if a person is lying to you.


There are times when you catch someone lying just by the words that they use or how they react. They don’t respond to you the same way or avoid answering your questions by changing the topic. Some even ask to repeat the question to give them time to think of the right response. If this is the case, continue asking questions. This will eventually push the person to make up more stories and come up with inconsistent statements.


Another way of catching liars is through their body language. You will notice them getting stiff and having a very defensive physical stance.  These simple signs will help you spot an honest person from a liar. Read behind those smiles and figure out if that person can be trusted or not.

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